Solos – Hired Assassins, Bodyguards, Killers, Soldiers

The Solo is the real killer of the Cyberpunk world – the commando, the cybersoldier, the black ops contractor, the corporate operative, the hardened veteran. Trained by the government, the corporations or some other serious outfit, they’ve seen combat and lived to want to do it again. If you need someone taken apart by hand, blade or bullet, you want a Solo, and you want to get the hell out of their way. As the saying go, not every killer is a Solo, but every Solo is a killer.

A Solo is faster than the rest, has more access to combat-oriented skills, and they’d better – acts of violence are their literal stock and trade. The Solo’s principle Career Skill means they react faster in a combat situation, when seconds are paid for in blood.

Archetypical Solos in the media are Molly (Neuromancer), Takeshi Kovacs (Altered Carbon) and Eli (Book of Eli).

Career Skill: Combat Sense

Skills: Awareness/Notice, Handgun, Brawling or Martial Arts, Melee, Weapons Tech, Rifle, Athletics, Submachinegun, Stealth


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